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As winter approaches, hundreds of thousands of snowbirds are preparing for their annual migration from the north to warmer climates. Seductive sunshine draws countless travelers looking to escape the long, cold winter. Everyone is looking to escape winter melancholy. Sunbirds and winter visitors are people who get away for a short period of time, and soon become snowbirds.

Most of the really good snowbird destinations have special attractions, good shopping, restaurants, and nearby quality medical facilities if needed. All seem to have endless scenic areas, state and national parks to explore. For those who fish, you can have the time of your life fishing for everything from salt water fish to fresh water fish. A wide variety of golf courses await you.

For those without an RV, it is likely that you will want a car during your stay at your snowbird destination. If driving is not your thing, consider taking a friend with you to help with the driving. Public transportation in many snowbird destinations can be tricky, and renting a car can be expensive.

Many first time snowbirds spend their first year of freedom visiting several different areas. They are eager to indulge the urge to travel that the constraints of employment once made impossible. Before long though, snowbirds tend to go back to the same places year after year; often making their reservations at the end of the season for next year.

The strongest motivation to choose one destination over another is people. Sharing the company of old friends and relatives, seeing old faces and catching up on the times are cherished moments, moments which are oblivious to the current weather, local attractions or events of the day.

There are many choices in where to stay, from rental condos and homes to travel in your own RV. For those with an RV there is everything from plush parks to spartan spaces for desert squatters.

Snowbirds, who prefer to be called winter visitors these days, are a classless society. They are bonded together by the love of travel and a desire to escape colder climates. Beyond that, it is almost impossible to put snowbirds into any one category. There are snowbirds, potential snowbirds, seniors, retired persons, babyboomers, and those thinking about retirement.

The USA sees an enormous population shift twice every year. The snowbirds don't fly in formation, but with each passing year they are following the sun in greater flocks. Getting away form nature's fury is nice, and it is a great way to make the acquaintance of new friends. There are nice people everywhere.

Snowbirds are defined as a seasonal resident of a warmer climate that tend to spend more than three months at their secondary destination. After exploring a variety of areas, the next step frequently is to buy a second residence. They spend more and more time in their "winter vacation" homes while keeping a home up north. Before long they transition into establishing a permanent residence in a warmer climate year-round.

Now you can start planning your winter visitor adventure with information about popular snowbird destinations.

So sit back, sip a cup of coffee and take an online vacation break from the daily routine.

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