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Despite high gasoline prices for your cars and RV, soaring airline fares with ever worsening service, train rides that are still not as nice as they used to be, cruise ships that nickel and dime you everything your turn around, and buses that seem to stop at every little town along the way, winter vistiors and snowbirds will hold fast to their winter migration.

Most of them have a great attitude and are a pleasure to be around. Almost every area of the of the snowbirds and winter visitors destinations works hard to convince them to come. They travel by many means, and many different lenghts of stay.

Our information in the guide will lead you to warm weather getaways to escape the cold and gloom of winter.

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Car Travel - Think of your trip as one big road trip for adults. Driving along the highways brings relief from the 4 walls of your home that you left behind. There are some many places to see and things to do. One way to spice up your trip is to stay in bed & breakfasts or country inns along the way.

If you want to travel by car but don't own one, consider contacting a car rental company about their need to seasonally shift their fleets to southern location to meet the changing demands. They often rely on seasonal travelers to do the driving for them.

When traveling from state to state, stop at the Welcome Centers in each state and pick up free traveller fliers for hotel discount coupons. These coupons can save you money.

RV Travel - It doesn't take a bulging bank account to live the good life that RV snowbirds are pursuing. There are so many options available for today's winter visitors that you can actually design your own lifestyles to suit your financial and social preferences.

The nicest part is that you can stop in an area for a short visit to all that it has to offer before getting on your way. The vast majority of RV owners don't need much prompting to hit the road when cold weather starts to come their way.

Commercial Air Travel - We all remember when air travel was an exciting adventure, today it not much less than the feeling of being shipped like cattle. There is a constant succession of nickle and dime extra charges, the latest of which is to charge for water onboard.

Many airlines would seem to be going the way of train travel when they kept offering less and less, with ever decreasing service, and then wondered why no one wanted to ride anymore. If at all possible, try not to fly to your destination and save yourself a lot of grief.

Private Aircraft Travel - If you own your own aircraft or can afford to charter a flight, private air travel is sure great. You can fly when you want to, and where you want to go.

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